Case Studies of Negligent Hiring

Real Life People. Real Life Stories.

What happens when you hire without screening employees first? The results aren’t that great.

  • A nursing home was found liable for $235,000 for negligent hiring of an unlicensed nurse with 56 prior criminal convictions, who assaulted an 80-year-old visitor. – Deerings West Nursing Center v. Scott
  • An employer settled for a $2.5 million suit seeking to hold it liable for negligent hiring, and entrustment of an intoxicated security guard. The guard had an on-duty traffic accident in a company car which killed him and another motorist. – Butler v. Hertz Corp
  • A $5 million settlement was awarded to the family of a deceased female tenant against the apartment complex owner and management; the suit claimed that the tenant was killed by the brother of the complex’s assistant manager, and that it was negligent hiring to hire an assistant manager without a criminal background check. – Liebman v. Hall Fin. Group, Inc
  • A vacuum cleaner manufacturer was liable for $45,000 because one of its distributors hired a door-to-door salesperson with a criminal record, who then raped a female customer in her home; (manufacturer should have required its distributors to do pre-hiring screening of door-to-door salespersons to prevent hiring of persons with criminal histories). – McLean v. Kirby Co.

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