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New Laws That Have Been Passed

Philadelphia and Use of Credit Reports by Employers
Per Phil. Code §9-1102, effective July 1, 2017 it is generally unlawful for an employer to obtain or use credit information in connection with: hiring, discharge, tenure, promotion, discipline or conditions of employment.

New York City and Use of Salary History by Employers
Effective November 1, 2017 and per City Administration Code §8-107 (, an employee or its “agent” cannot inquire about salary history. If applicant “voluntarily” and “without prompting” discloses past salary, the employer can verify it.

Oregon and Use of Salary History by Employers
Salary History H.B. 2005 and effective October 6, 2017, is a simple part of a larger Equal Pay Law now located at ORS §652.210 but has not yet been codified. See (

Vermont Ban-the-Box
Effective July 1, 2017 per VSA495 (, an employer may not request criminal history record information on its initial employee application form. However, an employer may inquire about a prospective employee’s criminal history record during an interview or once the prospective employee has been deemed otherwise qualified for the position.

Puerto Rico and Use of Salary History by Employers
Per the Equal Pay Act or “Act 16”, effective March 8, 2017, an employer cannot inquire about past salary information of any applicant, unless applicant truly volunteered the information. An employer can confirm past salary after offer of employment.

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