Global Investigative Services, Inc. Goes Green


A leading provider of employee background screening services, receives Montgomery County, Maryland Green Business Certification

Rockville, MD August 4, 2014 —

Global Investigative Services, Inc., a leader in employee background screening services, announced today that it earned a Montgomery County Green Business Certification.

The goal of the certification program is to help cultivate businesses in a progressively greener economy by encouraging innovation and environmental responsibility.

“Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification Program was designed to recognize local businesses that are putting forth extra effort in order to reduce their impact on our environment,” said Doug Weisburger, Manager for the Green Business Certification Program and Senior Planning Specialist for Sustainability Programs. “Global is a prime example of how a small-sized company can make a difference.” 

Global received the certification after incorporating several green practices in its day-to-day operations. “We have become more aware over the years how taking necessary steps to reduce our ecological footprint within our organization and transitioning to a sustainable future impacts our community as well as others outside the community,”  said Marc Linchuck, Executive Vice President at Global Investigative Services, Inc. “The simplest things that you may not think about contribute to protecting the environment such as; using recycled products, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and taking advantage of ride-share programs. We will continue with our green initiative by incorporating new solutions within our background screening process.”

The program allows forward-thinking businesses that have championed sustainability in their daily operations to become examples of leadership in a nationwide environmental movement. The comprehensive application process, which included an extensive onsite inspection conducted by a trained sustainability expert, helps businesses transition to a sustainable future.